Apocalypse - Doomsday Bunker

Hosted By Bronwen Smith

--- transmission starts ---

Newsflash, January 2119

Despite warnings over the years from environmentalists and various experts, the worst possible outcome has occurred. Over the course of the last 5 years, all fossil fuels and most non-renewable resources have run out. A combination of climate change and pollution have drastically reduced the quantity and quality of available water resources. Fresh food has become increasingly hard to come by as industries cannot function without fuels. Any produce from farms cannot be transported to the cities.

Realising that the inevitable was fast approaching, the failing Government implemented food rationing in 2114. This caused mass hysteria and fighting in the streets. The population resisted, looting supply stores as people tried to stock up their homes so that they could survive for as long as possible. As the transport system shut down, and the streets became unsafe, access to healthcare facilities and medicines became increasingly difficult. Coupled with compromised sanitation and living conditions, diseases broke out and many people died.

Factions formed within society, and a rebel group calling themselves The Corked managed to take control of the remaining food stocks and few working farms. Anyone who refused to join them was forced into hiding. Small groups and members of the resistance, unable to escape the cities that they found themselves trapped in, sought shelter in hastily constructed bunkers. Here, they protect their dwindling food reserves and do their best to avoid being detected by The Corkeds’ army scouts.

A small group among the resistance is the Dead Bottle Society (DBS). Founded back before The Collapse , this group spends their days planning a mission to a distant land, far from the control of The Corked . Here they hope to join a farming community, where they can grow food and make wine to their hearts content. At night, they send out scouts to run reconnaissance, searching for abandoned food reserves, lone survivors to join their group and seeking safe passage out of the city.

They would like to invite you to join them for a night without scouting to celebrate that we are still alive in this crazy post-Collapse world, and to drink a toast to a different future.

Date: Saturday, 12 January; 18h30.

Bring any box wine that has survived the looting, some canned rations to share (and pair), and if possible, a battery-operated lantern to help lighten the bunker. The DBS scouts have put away some gas canisters for a camping stove, so that we can enjoy a warm meal and really make this a special occasion.

Bunker location and access phrase will be sent out on the day to avoid interception by The Corkeds’ spies.

--- transmission ends ---

Wine Scores

The following table shows a breakdown of the wine and their respective scores received by each member for this evening.

To view an image of the wine, click on the name.

  Matt Bron Alex Jay Hayl Will Kerri Avg
Light White Wine 77% 83% 79% 83% 87% 93% 84% 83.71%
Crisp Dry White 80% 80% 80% 83% 82% 75% 83% 80.43%
Selected Stein 78% 79% 79% 81% 82% 78% 85% 80.29%
Late Harvest 83% 83% 79% 85% 88% 84% 88% 84.29%
Cellar Gold 78% 82% 79% 84% 86% 92% 90% 84.43%
Natural Sweet Rosé 81% 84% 82% 88% 88% 81% 92% 85.14%
Natural Sweet Red 76% 80% 79% 84% 81% 87% 80% 81.00%


Here are the photos from this evening:

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