About Us

Matthew Renaud

One of the 4 original members of wine club whose responsibility is ensuring the successful running of the club on the evening and that the website content is up-to-date.

Bronwen Smith

Why we so organised? Because of this lady. She keeps everyone in line and focused during our meetings (or at least tries to). She helps organise the evening and ensures the wine club is a success at the end. Her responsibility includes scoring wines at the end of the evening and informing which ones were the best. Also a member of the original team.

Alex Nossek

Also an original member who has the responsility of deciding the correct order we drink our wines. he is also known to be the grinch who stole wine club, throwing punches at those who deserve it and telling us which pairings NOT to try (which we all try anyway).

Jaydon Webb

The class clown, whose responsibility as one of the original members of wine club is to keep us entertained with his brilliant sense of dad-jokes and one line punches.

Andrew September

Hayley Smith