Dead Bottle Society

Cape Town Wine Club
"Beer is made by men, wine by God."― Martin Luther
One hot summers evening a band of 4 friends sat around a table, drinking, eating, and playing the infamous UNO card game, the Disney version. Yes, we're adults, and No, cards aren’t ours, I swear!

Stuck in the busy 9 to 5 work day life styles we seldom saw each other anymore. We wished we could hang out more often and catch up on each other’s life. But we always said that and never committed to seeing each other sooner.

Over a bottle of wine, we came up with the idea of seeing each other once a month to pretend to be sophisticated adults, drink wine and have a good time. Alex, the crazy one, in his almighty strength and excitement, slammed a wine glass on the table that night and so brought about the name for our club, Dead Bottle Society. The wine glass broke at its stem leaving it in two, but it left us as a group whole and happy that we could look forward to seeing each other every month.

Wine Rating

At our wine club we ensure fair and accurate rating for all our wines. We have a score sheet that helps us score each wine by scoring points in 5 categories.
Over time this has evolved from the beginning, where we rated only out of 25, to now, where we have adapted and modified Robert Parker's rating system that makes use of a 50 - 100 point quality scale.

To read more about Robert Parker's rating system, click here.

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